Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Paula Deen: Poster Girl for Diet Related Disease

Unhealthy foods, such as the fat-and-sugar-filled dishes brought to you by the oh-so-southern Paula Deen, contribute to diet related diseases such as heart disease, hypertension and type 2 diabetes. It came as no real surprise to the foodie world that Paula Deen has type 2 diabetes.

One of the instigating factors in this disease is a high level of fats in the body: When you eat a lot of fat, a lot of sugar, and get very little exercise, you are at risk for type 2 diabetes.

Paula Deen was diagnosed with the disease three years ago, and continued to promote the high fat, high sugar style of cooking that earned her her place in the celebrity chef arena.

She claims that she has continually promoted moderation, though frankly, I can't ever remember hearing that word from her mouth as she added yet another stick of butter to the pot.

Paula Deen has built her culinary empire on fat and sugar. And no true capitalist can fault her for protecting that empire. But much like a sports figure caught with cocaine or molesting young women, loudly proclaiming he is no role model for his fans, Paula Deen is proclaiming that she is not to be held accountable for others who indulge in too much fat and sugar.

She's also saying that her moderation mantra gives her leave to continue indulging in fat and sugar - just not as much of it. After all, she did give up sweet tea, and if she just eats smaller slices of pecan pie and a little less of that burger in a donut - and takes her meds for which she is now a spokesperson- everything will be just fine.

Perhaps. But Paula Deen is overweight to the point of border obesity, and so is her husband. It's the obesity that is directly linked to type 2 diabetes, and she's had three years to address that issue. I know it's not easy, and she may not be able to lose much of that weight without more extreme measures, but that for three years she continued to tell her fans that every dish deserves a stick of butter and a cup of sugar - that's on her.

Paula Deen is the poster child for diet related disease. And that's too bad, because she knows her way around a kitchen, but she chooses to use her culinary powers for evil, rather than good.