Monday, October 3, 2011

Low Fat Stew, Safe at School and Portion Control

August and September have been tough months. We're undergoing a redecorating project that includes moving the office to another room in the house, so I haven't had much time to actually work.
But I have managed to write a few articles and would like to share these with you.

If your kids have food allergies, you know keeping them safe is challenging. With school back in session, you'll need some cooperation from your child's teachers and the school staff to help you protect him or her against exposure to her allergen.

Read Keeping Kids with Food Allergies Safe at School for tips on working with teachers, administrators and the school's food service employees.

Stew is winter comfort food, even here in Phoenix, AZ where winter temperatures may dip all the way into the 50s. Brrr.

But stew can be high in fat, so when I make these hardy meals I use a few techniques to reduce the fat and sodium content. Read my article, Cooking Tips for Making Low Fat Stew, to make your stews a bit healthier this winter.

Trying to keep your food costs under control? Read How to Use Portion Control to Control Your Food Budget and make your food dollars work more efficiently.

I've also spent a little time in the kitchen, working on a gluten free brownie recipe that's rich in flavor and high in omega-3 oils. But with temperatures hovering around 105 degrees, I haven't done a whole lot of cooking.

But the temperatures are dropping, the house is coming together and I've nearly perfected the brownies, so I'll be posting that recipe real soon.

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